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Jordan Barker

Dean of Students
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My Story

I was born in Flint, Michigan and lived there for the first 10 years of my life. After my mom got the call to ministry here in Lake Wales, we moved in 2001 and began to call Burns Avenue Church of God (now HighPoint Church) our home. I grew up playing soccer and basketball and being involved in all church events that were held at HighPoint Church. I graduated from Frostproof and decided to stay around here to impact my community and the different organizations that I could be part of. Even though I was born in Michigan, I would say that I was raised here in Lake Wales and it is an incredible place to raise a family. 


Teaching became my passion at a very young age. As a child, we would often play school at home and I was always the teacher. I didn’t always love school because I saw that many students in my classes were not engaged in the learning process and weren’t growing throughout the year. The thoughts started coming to me that I could make school fun, engaging, meaningful and create a life-changing experience for everyone involved. I spent my entire 10.5 years teaching in the classroom at the same school and loved all of the memories and experiences that students were able to get in the classroom. My greatest joys in the classroom were believing in the students and seeing their hard work pay off to make incredible gains in the classroom throughout the school year. There’s no better calling than being able to impact the lives of young people that will impact future generations for Christ. 


My personal relationship with Jesus started at a very young age. Growing up in church, I was able to live in a home that provided an incredible example of what Jesus and having a relationship with Him looks like. Throughout my life struggles and hurts, I am always reminded and comforted when I think about the sacrifice that God made to send his one and only son to die for me. Each and every day, I pray for God to break my heart for what breaks His so that I can always look for opportunities to share my faith with others. My faith continues to grow and be challenged in many positive ways as I experience new events in my personal life with my incredible family. 


My dream as a child was to eventually be able to open up a school that my children could go to and be impacted by it. As I grew up, I realized that these kinds of opportunities don’t come along very often and that I would need to be ready when the opportunity arose. God has opened so many doors and windows to be able to put this school together and prepare us all for what is to come. I look forward to working at a school that allows me to share my faith with my students and co-workers on a daily basis. God is going to change our community and families because of what he will do through Providence Academy. 



Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education, Warner University (2013)

Masters of Education, Elementary Education, Warner University (2020)

Masters of Education, Educational Leadership, American College of Education (2022)



Wife, Elizabeth, 3 children (Avry, Addilyn and Ambry)

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