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Highways and Hedges

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So, what an afternoon! Waiting at a stop sign to turn right, another waiting on the left turn lane, both at a T intersection then, POW…..the young man turning left tuned in front of the right of way car and t-boned him in the driver’s door. So, since it happened in front of my eyes, that seemed like slow motion, I stopped to render aide. And before the police said I could go, I offered spiritual aide to both parties in prayer and invited them to church……I gave some church business cards. So folks, keep them in prayer. The young man unfortunately was a distracted driver and did not watch traffic before he pulled out. All parties walked away, but the young man had air bag bruises. Asking to keep them in prayer for the Holy Spirit to touch their hearts and woo them to church. We need to step up as Jesus commands us and reach people to bring them to Himself. Life could end in the blink of an eye and the thought of dying without Jesus as your Savior should make one’s stomach curdle.


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