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  • Are you looking for a Sunday Morning gathering time for adults, with Bible teaching and fellowship? If you are, join us starting March 5th in the Conference Room - where Chad McCracken will be leading adults in a Sunday School-type setting during the 8:00 AM service. Getting ready for some lively discussion and study about books and/or topics in the Bible.

  • I am still battling a respiratory infection with a stubborn low grade fever. Sadly, I do not think it is wise to come into the church today.

  • Good Jesus filled Friday

    Could you please tell me where we are studying in the Bible? We, the Poster's, had missed the first session on March 5th.

    Thank you!

  • Hello everyone. I just wanted to update you. March 5th will be our first class, and we have changed the time to 8:15AM. We should be done each week around 9:15AM. My heart is to study God‘s Word on a deeper level and apply it to our lives. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

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    Are you looking for a Sunday Morning gathering time for adul...

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