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Praise on the Battleground

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#PraiseOnTheBattleground #GodOfBreakthrough #teamJesus I adore my King! Oh how the Lord provides for us! The way He cares flows straight from His very own heart, from His very own Love and Compassion. He has promised us that we will never have to rely on man to meet our needs, how empowering is that? God comes through. God is our covering. As a child of covenant we are covered in God’s: Love, Grace, Mercy, Increase, Promotion, Lovingkindness, Joy, Peace, Gifts, Protection, Healing, 🙌🏼Holy Spirit🙌🏼, ✝️Jesus Christ ✝️, Redemption, Forgiveness, Future, Fulfilled Calling, Care, Mercy, Peace, Favor, Timing, Relationship, Promises, Blessings, Rewards, Plan... I can go on and on... The Lord completely covers and I know without a doubt that He is our Refuge, STRENGTH, Promise Keeper and Protection, oh I can go on and on and on! Praise On The Battleground will resume Thursday December 21st We will meet in HighPoint Church lobby 6pm


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