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Pathways are the featured women's small groups of HighPoint Church. Together with GroupLife, Highlands Women's Ministry sponsors and supports these vital groups. We truly believe that the health of a woman's growth as a follower of Christ is greatly impacted by our relationship with each other.

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.Spring 2023 Women's Retreat 

Journeys are the bread and butter of Highlands Women Ministry. Our regular events that bring the women of HighPoint Church together to connect, grow and encourage each other! This is a great way to bring a friend who is not comfortable in small group settings, but needs to connect with other women.

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.Lifeway Women Live Conference 

Summits are the bigger events organized by Highlands Women Ministry. These will happen annually or semi-annually with the intention to encourage connection, growth and community. We hope to use these bigger events as a form of outreach beyond our own community.

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